SMARTJFG Company Consulting en Ingénierie Spatiale


SMART Engineering, a strategic characteristic of complex systems


SMARTJFG brings you a wealth of experience in RAMS : engineering, process, programme, analyses and technical risks management.

DEFINE, ORGANIZE and IMPLEMENT a RAMS programme in the frame of a project, from feasibility phase up to production phase and operations…

SMARTJFG offers 2 exclusive kinds of administrative frameworks, without any impact on the service :

  • Wage portage via Embarq company, which simplifies the salary payment and prevent from excessive administrative burden
  • Self-company status, light structure, which reduces the global cost

SMARTJFG can carry out :

  • In situ work, in your company premisses, depending on the worload and the communication (information transfer) needs
  • Remote work with periodic teleconference  progress meetings and some in situ meetings as necessary (e.g. final presentation)